At Camida our aim is to deliver the highest standards of service to our customers. Our quality assurance system helps us to meet and maintain those standards.


Our quality management system is certified to globally recognised standards.

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What is INDIS?

Jointly founded by Camida in 1992, INDIS is an international distribution group comprised of over 20 chemical distributors in more than 20 different countries. INDIS can leverage its combined strengths and capabilities to provide unmatched global solutions for its members’ customers in their respective markets.

INDIS members benefit from combining their marketing resources to enhance business opportunities, establish new enterprises, and share vital information to the group’s benefit. This global network enables the INDIS group to meet the needs of their customers and suppliers, both large and small, right across the globe.

The benefits of INDIS membership
  • Having members worldwide is beneficial for each member’s local customers
  • Single point of contact offers the majority of raw materials
  • Extensive range of products and services
  • Unparalleled level of flexibility and professional service
  • Access to international resource of market information

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