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This is not a classic sales position. It is managing and developing business with one or more existing customers. A depth of knowledge is required to perform this role satisfactorily. This will require on site training which may take up to a year. Numerous tasks will need to be learned and understood including:


Day-to-Day Tasks:

  • Speedy response to customer’s enquiries
  • ’Current Time’ completion of Enquiry Forms
  • Compilation and maintenance of DEFT
  • Reconciliation of Customer’s quality needs (specification reconciliation and creation)
  • Requesting with discernment best offers from prospective suppliers.
  • Calculation of quotation proposal
  • Quoting Customers
  • Getting Orders!
  • Provision of import duty information
  • Obtaining duty ’BTIs’
  • Ensuring conformance to ISO procedures
  • Interaction and information provision for Logistics department
  • Completion of Customer Questionnaires with assistance from other relevant parties
  • Updating of Supply Agreement Contracts Database
  • Handling Complaints in tandem with Logistics & Quality Manager where required.


Irregular Tasks

  • Customer visits
  • Attend Sales Meeting
  • Attendance at relevant exhibitions
  • Visits to Principals and other Suppliers
  • Attendance at supplier quality audits if required
  • Compilation of Information for Principal’s reports
  • Contribution to and support of Marketing Projects
  • Assisting with document creation for ’Project’ Enquiries
  • Familiarisation of Sourcing Library
  • This is a demanding role from a workload, administration, and urgency perspective. But it can be very rewarding!


To apply, please contact Company Secretary Deirdre McGrath at by 26/04/2024