Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to an organisation’s responsibility for society in the sense of sustainable business practices. In Camida, we take our CSR responsibilities seriously and are guided by our CSR principles in the conduct of our business.


Our Pledge


We look closely at our impact on the Environment in which we operate, both locally and internationally. We focus on our carbon footprint, our energy efficiency, and the waste management at our offices and in the business practices we adopt. We strive to use renewable energy sources and to implement sustainable practices wherever we can.


Our Societal view looks stringently at how we work with and treat our staff, our business partners, and the local community in which we operate. This has always been a cornerstone of our philosophy and one we hold dearly. Playing our part in the community is important to us and we value the relationships we have with the many local sporting and cultural organisations that we are happy to support.


In terms of Governance, we strive for transparency and accountability in our business. We put our staff, our customers, and our suppliers at the heart of what we do and ensure that our high ethical standards, our policies and our procedures are maintained across all our activities.