Biopharmachem Ireland, part of Ibec, represents the biopharma and chemical sectors in Ireland and Camida has been a proud member for many years. BPCI’s vision is that Ireland will be the globally recognised centre of excellence for innovation and development in the sustainable manufacture and supply of biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and chemicals and the location of choice for the launch of new products. 

In support of this vision, BPCI’s latest strategic plan, 2023 – 2027, was launched earlier this year with six strategic themes at its core.

  • Industry (Pharma) 5.0; bringing a focus on digital skills.
  • Skills; ensuring Ireland’s higher education institutions are aligned and sufficiently resourced to meet the skills needs of the Biopharma sector.
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API); development of a major supply chain hub in Ireland with a footprint of API.
  • Cell & Gene Therapies; realising Ireland’s potential in next generation biologics, including the development of a thriving indigenous and start-up ecosystem.
  • Global Business Services (GBS); developing a national strategy to identify future GBS talent needs, and the establishment of Office for Life Science at government level.
  • Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO); focus on development of project management and CRM skills and mapping the full-service provider ecosystem.

This is an exciting programme of work at a time when this sector is vital to the Irish economy and the many individuals and family’s dependant on it.

BPCI additionally supports its member companies through various activities and events. A key component of the BPCI infrastructure is its working group network, which allows its members discuss topics of interest on a quarterly basis. One such group is the Supply Chain Working Group, focused on Supply Chain resilience, distribution activities and supporting supply chain hub activities in Ireland.


Paul Condon, May 2023