The no Covid, no Brexit Edition!

Serious matters right enough but I think perhaps any editorial comments I might make on these topics would be superfluous – haven’t we heard enough elsewhere?!

In this regard

I must just express how much we at Camida have missed personal meetings and interaction with you all.

In fact

One of the most rewarding aspects of the wonderful Industry I find myself privileged to work in all these years is the characters of those I have been involved with. They are unwaveringly amenable, passionate and professional – it’s been a pleasure.


Not only is the Modern Fine Chemical Industry a hugely important Global success it has also been a delight to work with you all. This may Sound like a goodbye – but it’s not – I’m not finished yet.


It is an opportunity to voice my appreciation for your personal friendship with me and for your professional commitment and loyalty to Camida.

I sure do miss you all though! – And I need a haircut!


I write these words it is well before Christmas and I know you won’t be reading them until January.


I hope some of the troubles the World was in last year have been resolved and I hope you all have a wonderful 2021 – we all need it!

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