Who’s Got Game… 

According to World Sport there are 8000 indigenous sports and sporting games in the world.  Through sport we learn about goal setting, time management, teamwork, dedication, respect, integrity, responsibility, motivation and of course team chemistry!

For those of you that know Camida, you will recognise our head coach instils these qualities through positive support and encouragement, to help the Camida team accomplish our goals (and sometimes the coach even analyses our statistics and performances!!!).

Supporting community and encouraging involvement in sport is an important part of Camida’s ethos. As you will see inside this newsletter, Camida continues to support a wide variety of events from athletics, boxing, basketball, rugby, arts and festivals to name but a few.

Over the past 15 years I’ve had various responsibilities within Camida, working with great suppliers and customers. On a daily basis, we work with various teams including R&D, purchasing, QC, QA, regulatory, finance and of course supply chain and logistics.

Camida now employs a team of approximately 50. Our head office is Clonmel Ireland, but we also have offices in Manchester UK and subsidiaries in Pittsburgh USA and Singapore, offering global solutions to your supply chain needs.

On a personal note, my ‘team’ has grown significantly these past few years, as we now have two beautiful boys, Jim and Ollie aged 3 and 1, and we have certainly developed some fun new games in our house!

Camida’s Life Science team head to Barcelona in October for the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPHI) and hopefully some of us will need to stop off in Paris en route home for the Rugby World Cup final…its game on!

Thank you & take care,

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