Chemical Distribution


For over 30 years Camida has carefully created, developed and continues to maintain strong relationships with Principal suppliers. These Principals encompass the 3 core fundamental areas: Industrial, Life Science and Ingredients which that we serve on a daily basis.

We strive to improve and enhance the marketing of a wide range of high quality specialised products. Camida operates to provide support, knowledge and representation as both distributors and agents for our carefully selected manufacturing Principals.


Ebercyl Radiation Curing Resins
borane chemistry
Alkali Metal Compounds
Organic Intermediates
Premium, GMP fine Chemicals
Vazo Free Radical Initiators
HFA Medical Propellant
Organic Titanates and Zirconates
Specialised Taste Solutions, High Quality Functional Blends for the Food Industry
Functional Foods and Beverages, Flavouring and Sweetening Compounds
Diketene / Ketene
Hydrocyanic Derivatives
Furan Derivatives
Silane Coupling Agents
Fluorine Chemistry
Fine and Laboratory Chemicals

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