Vendor Consolidation

We constantly work to improve efficiencies and reduce costs through vendor reduction and customised distribution.

Vendor consolidation or vendor reduction, is a well-known means of simplifying, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in raw material procurement.

Having just one contact for tail end, or all, of a company’s raw material needs dramatically simplifies and positively transforms raw material supply. Once a company has shown interest in implementation of vendor consolidation, a discussion with Camida can ensue.

Camida will endeavour to answer positively to all aspects of concern to the customer during the process. This can involve many criteria and may include:

  • Stable pricing
  • Credit terms
  • Consignment stock
  • Customer defined intranet portal.

A specific package of services can be defined to suit the customer. Hence, we call Camida’s programme of vendor reduction.

Typical Requests

  • Reduced stockholding
  • Streamlined logistics
  • Account ledger reduction
  • Single point communication
  • Reduced warehouse handling
  • Customised or grouped deliveries
  • Stable pricing
  • Stock availability and secure supply
  • Web-based document access
  • Process change control

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