Make Logistics great again! 

It has been an eventful year for us all. One thing is for sure: neither the Pandemic nor Brexit have been enough to hold Camida back! 

Socially, we have been doing all we can to keep a vibrant and interactive staff. Some events have been remote, such as Painting & Prosecco and movie nights and, when possible, we have been supporting and enjoying local pubs and restaurants. 

Professionally, we have hosted our first International Visitor since Covid 19, and some Camida staff attended a physical Sales and Sourcing meeting earlier this year. 

Camida has been fortunate enough to experience many years of consistent growth. This success has accelerated over the last two years. 2020 was by far our busiest ever and it seems 2021 will prove to be even busier. Every single Camida staff member should be proud of being part of that growth. As part of the Logistics team, I am pleased with the way we have managed that growth and dealt with freight and customs issues at the same time. 

What we deliver to our customers is good service, and to enable us to offer the same high standard we have expanded our staff in existing departments and created a Quality and Regulatory department. In addition, we have acquired a new building (almost) next to our offices in Clonmel. 

I conducted an interview for a Logistics position recently, and I found myself saying we are a successful company. The above outlines why, but after that I said, what’s even more important to me is our company values, including what Camida does for the staff and for the local community. 

I believe the Camida culture gives us an advantage in terms of reputation and work experience. A good and successful work experience provides knowledge and confidence, just one example being the two staff members who celebrated their 20-year work anniversary earlier this year. 

It’s been a successful but also a very challenging year. I must say that I haven’t come across a more complex company than Camida in terms of the variety of different buying and selling terms; number of import and export countries as well as internal and external stakeholders. A lot must be considered! But, someone once said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and I’m sure we will come out of this stronger in a lot of different areas of our business. 

I cannot, at this time, tell you if or when we will go back to “normal” lead times and rates or even when we can rely on the shipping information provided. What I can say is that I have decided to run for office, representing Camida with one purpose only: to make Logistics great again! 

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